Real meaning of love story-

Hello everyone! This is Lavi Garg as a loving boy and musician and presenting a Love story. What is love? What are the benefit of love in human life or in the life of any type of creature and is it really beneficial or harmful for every person. Should it be done by only under age group of peoples or new generation group of peoples, All of questions have only one answer that is ‘yes’.

What is Love?love story

Yes, I am also agree to this statement and I always support to this statement. Because so far as I am conserved, Love is the power of winning every type of fight with everyone, Love is that thing which fights with very powerful person and win too whether having physically power or brain, Love is really blind which increase day by day automatically without seeing anyone and without taking of permission and with no care of anyone, Love is something which is felt by the eyes and words of the peoples between a girl or a boy, between parents and between siblings (sister and brother).

In this Love story you will get find your love and benefit of love and this love story is really interested for that person who are already in love with his girlfriend or boyfriend and with any other else and the person who are not in love right now, those peoples may be take interest in this blog. Let’s love. Firstly it is important to know that love is really beneficial or harmful for everyone. I want to tell you about it that there are so many case in which love is really beneficial and there are so many case in which love is really harmful.

Benefit of Love-

Life settlement is the biggest benefit in the life of a person. You know very well that in the time of school, college or office, whenever any boy looks to any girl or any girl looks to any boy, a bulb burn in the mind of that boy or girl, this girl should be my girlfriend or life partner in my life, he thinks so and begin to follow that girl and from here love story begin to start between both of them. But there is a time when girl give up to boy from her life with any reason then boy thinks so bad and feel alone his self. But in any case he get find about that girl and adopt his wife after understanding between each other that is the biggest achievement for those couple in their life andlove story, lavi gargthose love story change into life partner.

And second other benefit of love is that there is no cast relationship. It is really good for interested peoples in love. Because whenever anybody loves with anyone whether boy and girl or other type of couples. They never think about cast of the person that I belong from other cast and my girlfriend belongs from other cast. Because they don’t believe in cast relation at loving time. There is no value of cast before love with heart for those couples and they don’t think about age too because boy or girl may be bigger than each other, And there are so many benefit of love, you can also share more benefit of love via feedback

Love harmful ?

There are so many case in which love may be really harmful for a person. Because nowadays there are so many peoples in the world who love boys or girls trapped in damage. Some peoples break the relation from  each other. It may be the effect of adopt and loving from other person. Some people kill his wife and suicide own self which is the end of their love story. That’s why it should be love after understanding to each other.